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Custom Color

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We have thousands of colors to choose from.  Black is the option for a high temp color. Accenting the black with a custom color is a great option.  Please add this option to the cart and we will work with you on picking out your color.  We use Prismatic Powders for custom colors.  Please look around the Prismatic website and copy and paste the link of the specific color you want into the "Order Note" once added to cart.  (If the description requires a base coat and top coat to obtain that color then we are unable to do that.)  Vein and texture colors are the most durable.  

*Drum will be base color (door frame and intakes are welded to drum and will be color of drum.)  Caster mounts, side handles, exhaust, intake caps, lid handle and lid will be accent color unless noted other wise.  

*Please know that these colors are not a high temp color.  They will do well at 350 and under.  If used for higher temps you could experience some discoloration.